Первый чистый электрический седан Huawei, Expeceed S7, официально попадает на рынок

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Первый чистый электрический седан Huawei, Expeceed S7, официально попадает на рынок

Nov 29th ,2023

Недавно была официально запущена первая модель, созданная Huawei и Chery, The Luxeed S7. Он поставляется в четырех вариантах, с официальными ценами от 249 800 до 349 800. Luxeed S7, чистый электрический седан с серединой до большого размера, является первым седаным продуктом под умным выбором транспортных средств Huawei. Он оснащен интеллектуальной кабиной Harmonyos 4 и системой интеллектуальной помощи Huawei Ads 2.0. С точки зрения позиционирования на рынке, Luxeed S7 конкурирует с такими моделями, как Tesla Model 3, Zeekr 007, Zeekr 001 и Avita 12.

Developed based on the E0X platform, the LUXEED S7 shares a similar overall profile with the Starway Star Era ES but exhibits the distinctive family style of Hongmeng Zhixing in its design. The front fascia and lighting elements bear resemblance to the Wenjie M9. Additionally, some LUXEED S7 models are equipped with LIDAR, side-view cameras on the front fenders, and come in five paint colors: Lu Jin Black, Ceramic White, Tian Qing Blue, Warm Star Cloud, and Frost Moon Silver.

From the side, the LUXEED S7 features a fastback roofline, creating a forward-leaning visual effect with a lower front and higher rear stance. It also has hidden door handles, and its drag coefficient is as low as 0.203, according to official data. Some models also offer options like 21-inch forged rims, Brembo brake calipers, and ventilated brake discs.

Inside, the LUXEED S7 adopts a wrap-around cockpit design, offering three interior color options: Queyu Red, Baisha Apricot, and Yueying Grey. The vehicle is equipped with a floating 12.3-inch all-LCD instrument panel and a large central control screen. The vehicle's system runs on HarmonyOS 4, featuring an intelligent voice assistant and Nearlink, a new-generation wireless transmission function. The steering wheel has a rounded rectangular design, and there are two wireless charging panels on the passenger side dashboard.

Moreover, the LUXEED S7 offers dual-opening storage spaces for the co-driver, with a 4-liter upper storage grid and a 4.8-liter lower glove box. There's also a 10.5-liter hollow storage space under the central control. The trunk has a capacity of 420 liters, with an additional 52 liters of storage space under the trunk's hidden compartment. Folding down the rear seats expands the storage capacity to a maximum of 1450 liters.

The driver's seat of the LUXEED S7 is equipped with adjustable side wings for better support during intense driving. The passenger seat supports one-button floating position adjustment for enhanced comfort during rest. The rear seats offer dual-angle adjustments at 27 and 32 degrees.

The LUXEED S7 is available in single-motor two-wheel drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive versions. The two-wheel drive model is equipped with a single motor with a maximum output of 215 kW, while the four-wheel drive model's front and rear motors have maximum outputs of 150 kW and 215 kW, respectively. Depending on the version, the CLTC pure electric range of the LUXEED S7 varies from 538 kilometers, 713 kilometers, 715 kilometers, to 855 kilometers. Additionally, the LUXEED S7 is the first model to feature Huawei's Tuling chassis, with a suspension structure of double wishbones at the front and five-link at the rear, equipped with intelligent air suspension and CDC variable damping shock absorbers.